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Beyond the Sound (podcast)

We are able to live stream your church events/conferences.

If you are a church organization and would like your events/services to stream live, Please give us a call at (845)-505-2874 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Beyond the Sound Studios actually started off as just a podcast and grew and developed from there. As founder, I've soon realized hidden skills and talents in video production while live streaming for a local church. from there, Beyond the Sound Studios was born. Ever since high school, I've always was interested in film making and video production. So during the pandemic, I realized with others who inspired me, that it was time to make this into a business. I've started to film locally and grew my business in NY. Now that I have a better understanding about the potential Beyond The Sound has, I've decided to expand the business to other locations starting with Orlando FL and beyond!  

What is Beyond the Sound Studios?


We are a team that has experience with the coordination of setting up and configuring equipment, editing shots into final formats and adding dynamic effects. Adept at overseeing pre-production, production and post-production activities. Trained in Adobe Premier and other various platforms. We also operated on a broadcast level that deals with live streamlining


Beyond The Sound Studio insights 


  • Operations Management

  • Equipment operation

  • Audio mixing

  • Operating control consoles

  • Recording equipment operation

  • Equipment selection

  • Setting up microphones

  • Sound quality management

  • Audio production

  • Sound editing

  • Editing skills

  • Directing background

  • Shot direction

  • Graphic design principles

  • Team building

  • Planning and coordination

  • Managed over 50 events per year with teams consisting of 5 to 10 technicians

  • Managed field audio mixing for 2 productions per week.

  • Worked in pre-production to assemble microphones and sound recording devices.

  • Completed mixes and editing in post-production.

  • Trained Individuals and teams in studio production, including, camera operations, sound equipment operations, lighting, staging, and music coordination.

  • Providing consulting services for many organizations regarding media production.

  • Work with major system platforms such as Presonus, Studio One, Ableton, Vmix, OBS, Aviom etc

  • Handled management of Ad revenue.

  • Researched subjects and prepared for live events, special programs and guest interviews.

  • Educated listeners about breaking news and led regular station news announcements every Saturday.

  • Represented stations at promotional appearances to drive sales for advertising partners.

  • Introduced streamlined system for music libraries and media files.

  • Selected and prepared photos to pair with content using Adobe Primers .

  • Developed and deepened positive relationships with writing, design and production team members to improve communication and collaboration on various projects.

  • Decided whether pieces were ready for publication and approved final versions.

  • Handed out story assignments, directed content meetings and evaluated submitted pieces to manage overall tone and execution of work.

  • Set and maintained organized and detailed schedules for production.

  • Configured shots based on daily needs, weather and lighting conditions and available equipment.


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