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Dr. Felicia and the 411 (YouTube)


Beyond the Sound studios provides a video editor service from various platforms. Video editing is part of the video production allowing your content to be developed on different channels. Check out Dr. Felicia and the 411 here on YouTube!


The 411 is YouTube's premiere channel on Personal Empowerment and Professional Development. The message is about focusing on your divine life purpose. It symbolizes progressive change, renewal and growth.

Family Services 

Our Mission: Family Services brings people together to find the support they need, improving their lives and communities, and building a stronger, safer Hudson Valley.

  We welcome the unique contributions from our team when it comes to culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity, and expression, nation of origin, languages spoken, color, religion, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

local business commercials

Beyond the sound creates several commercials for local businesses in several surrounding areas. The Main ST mini mall, a local business in Poughkeepsie NY, was one of our first business to complete a full advertised commercial.

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